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Taurus Horoscope
(April 20 – May 20)

TAURUS Horoscope Forecast

Sign name:  Taurus
English name:  The Bull
Element:  Earth
Quality:  Fixed
Polarity:  Negative
Planet:  Venus
Period of birth:  April 21 - May 20

Taurus is being likely reference to the personality of a Bull other than the distinguished saying of bull-headed. Taureans are dedicated, loyal, grounded. They are secure and equalized. They are intelligent without being excessively intellectual. They are not probable to smack out for the unknown, but will like better recognizable terrain. They are tolerant, dependable and loving.

In the place of work, Taureans are first-class craftspeople, excellent with their hands. You can rely on a Taurus; they put up a good managers and foremen. They are proficient in the fields of chemistry, architecture, banking, farming or medicine. These are fields in which you can be innovative, but surrounded by a framework of steady practices and science. Taureans are good personnel and not generous to goofing off. Because they’re not great to run the risk of, they can be trustworthy with the business funds and are totally reliable and honest.

In the zodiac Great Year, the Age of Taurus take place approximately 4300-2150 BCE which observed the rise of Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations. This was the era of the Bronze Age in Greece, rise of Minoan and Mycenaean cultures. This was a age typify by the expansion of agriculture, and the construction of pyramids and megaliths. Bull religious groups were widespread in Assyria, Egypt, Crete.

Well-known Taureans have done extremely well in all walks of life. They include Socrates, George Lucas, George Carlin, Martha Graham and Margot Fonteyn, Audrey Hepburn and Jerry Seinfeld.

As a companion or lover, Taureans are devoted and home-loving, uncomplaining parents. Not specified to sexual trialing. Taureans are grounded in reasonableness. They’re even and like harmony. They feel affection for pets and the outdoors, and like biking, hikes and take pleasure in nature in general.

Each positive feature has a different side to it, and within the Taurean, this dependability and faithfulness is able to reveal itself as jealousy and stubbornness. Luckily, they are also very much intelligent and can quickly cause their way out of the intermittent shady disposition and hopelessness.
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